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Thread: 4 Things To Consider Before Buying a Ukulele! (Buyer's Guide)

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    Default 4 Things To Consider Before Buying a Ukulele! (Buyer's Guide)

    A few week's ago, I got a chance to stop by Uke Republic to record an in-depth buyer's guide that covers 4 key areas to consider when shopping for a new ukulele. These four areas are:

    1) Budget - What makes an entry-level ukulele ($50) different from a high-end one ($1,000+)?

    2) Sound - Keeping things simple, we'll take a look at the tonewoods that produce a warm and mellow versus bright, punchy sound.

    3) Playability - Most of us have heard that every instrument needs to be "setup" for optimal playing, but what does that mean? And is there anything else we need to be aware of that may increase our comfort when playing?

    4) Visual Aesthetics - Decorated ukuleles can have inlays, rosettes, binding, gloss finishes... But what are these things and do they increase the quality of the tone?

    Read the Complete Article: HERE

    Hope the video/article is helpful! Let us know if we missed anything

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    Default I know it sounds stubid

    I know it sounds stupid but can you guide me regarding Ukulele that are less noisy because my neighbour lives very close to my condo and he always complains or threats me about noise coming out of my apartment.

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