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Thread: Ukulele Lab in Honolulu

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    Quote Originally Posted by merlin666 View Post
    My experience here is the opposite. The online availability is much, much less than what they have in the actual stores to try out and inspect.
    I've had a similar experience. Several I wanted to buy something at HMS but it was out of stock online. I gave them a call and they had what I wanted but it jsut wasn't listed yet, and once they went and dock through their storage area until they found a new ol stock baritone mango uke I was hoping for. I've since sold that uke, but it was the first new one I bought from HMS, anditreally cemented them in my mind as the place to go for new ukes. I've had great experiences with them.
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    I went by the Lab again making sure it was during posted business hours. Again it was all locked up and dark. I asked the neighbouring business if they knew why and they said that the owner has gone to Japan. There is no note posted about the closure and the website still seems to be up. It may be an emergency but still poor business practice. I would not order anything there.

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