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Thread: Season 399 - Bella Italia

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    Default Tarantella Napoletana

    Sorry, had a duplicate post here, once is surely enough
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    Ciao di nuovo, Seasonistas! The playlist is updated and I have a blast, listening to your entries. It's both entertaining and informative.

    We have some classic songs like "Buona Sera", "O Sole Mio" and "Tarantella Napoletana", but also new (for me) musicians have been introduced, as well as new songs from familiar songwriters. And we have some fine original songs - a paoriginal in Italian by Brian (Pabrizzer), a quintessence of "all things Italian" by Jon (Mountain Goat) and a song, quoting words of wisdom by Berni (Barbablanca). We have as different entries as Ferdinando Carulli, Britney Spears and an Italo house tune in da house, so I'm a happy and a thankful host.

    This week, Buck Owens is "Italian" and all songs that were written on a napkin in an Italian restaurant are very welcome! Grazie!

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    "blue (da ba dee)" by italian group eiffel 65


    doth mother know you weareth her drapes?

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    I thought someone would have done this one on the first day. Or did I miss it? One of Deano's signature songs.

    Never mind the words, just hum along and keep on going...

    YouTube UkeintheHeartofTexas

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    an original song for the season.


    Martin Scorsese's a hero to me.
    Taxi Driver came out when I was just 3.
    Since that fateful day at the old Kogarah Mecca
    everything in my life took a turn for the better -

    I sat there barely breathing in anticipation
    as De Niro strode out of that underground station.
    My heart like a raging Bull pounding my chest
    he spoke those 5 words I'll never forget:

    Are you talking to me?
    No, are you talking to me?

    You can have your Fellini's, your Sergio Leone's -
    none can hold a camera to the One and Only.
    I've lost count of the times that I've watched Casino
    with the lights all dimmed down gripping my cappuccino.

    Yes I'm talking to you.
    Yes I'm talking to you.

    There's Cape Fear, The Departed, Gangs of New York,
    Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore,
    Mean Streets, Goodfellas, The Last Temptation of Christ
    No Direction Home, The Last Waltz, Shine a Light.
    (I could go on...)

    Now there's some things in film that are up for contention;
    like which actor or actress most deserves our attention.
    But on that fateful day at the old Kogarah Mecca
    I declared Martin Scorsese the world's greatest director

    at the ripe old age of 3.
    Scorsese will always be
    a hero. A hero to me.

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    I've mentioned Playing For Change a few times over the years here on the seasons.
    All their videos, of people from all over the world collaborating and making music, are just fabulous.
    Everlasting Arms
    The 'from Italy' connection here is the bassist and the mandolin player. But the main connection is Roberto Luti who, though not playing from Italy in this clip, is Italian and he plays fabulous slide guitar in almost all of their clips.

    This is a Cha and Pa collaboration. Charlie wasn't happy with the way she looked through the video so you just get a still and an out take at the end.
    It was great to do a video with her again with the usual 20 minute familiarisation with a song she has never heard before.

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    Hi, Ylle!

    This may be the most obscure song I've done, but it's from a band with quite a following stateside: The New Rhythm & Blues Quartet, NRBQ. Also known as The World's Greatest Bar Band. They've actually appeared on The Simpsons as themselves.

    Their original bass player, Joey Spampinato, wrote a lot of their songs, and here's one from their early (1971) record Scraps. It's homage to his hometown of New York City. This is, at best, a rough approximation.

    Martin C1K • Vintage 'Mauna Loa' c. 1925 soprano • Famous by Kiwaya FS-1 <yippee!!> • Ohana CK-50WG concert (solid cedar top) • Ohana SK-28 ‘Nunes’ <suh-weet> • Ohana SK-35G solid mahogany soprano <yay!!> • Firefly maple concert banjolele <yee-haw!> • Flea koa soprano • Makala MK-CE concert • Kahuna "Felix the Cat" soprano • Woodrow "Steelers" soprano <eyeroll>

    Raleigh Uke Jam:

    My YouTube page

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    Here is another one as recorded by Frank Sinatra amongst others: My Funny Valentine. This was a tough one as I am playing the ukulele arrangement by Lyle Ritz from the Ukulele Masters Jazz Book. Took a good evenings practice to get acceptable. Playing one of Marco of Antica Ukuleleria's other creations, the 'Elettrico' in a custom built version. (Names just sound more sexy in Italian).

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    King of Rome
    Song about a pigeon race from Rome in Italy to Derby in the UK.
    Sometimes we need small victories to lift us up.
    HyperBob says: Scottish steel and Irish fire, that's the weapon I desire
    My Youtube Ukulele channel
    My Youtube Gardening channel

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    Well we fianlly got it up, which is hard to do at our ages!

    SOTU #399 Buck Owens' "Act Naturally"

    Hope it doesn't suck too much. Thanks for the dispensation.

    I'm working on a Dean Martin "Thinking about Things"
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