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Thread: Kanilea platinum pineapple tenor

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    Default Kanilea platinum pineapple tenor

    Do you own one? Have to played one? What do you think about it?

    I own a Kanilea Pineapple tenor. I really dig the sound, it sound specially nice with chord melodies incorporating more jazzed up chords. It has a good ring and a full sound (the big body really does make a difference). The sound is balanced.
    I really like the feel of the Kanilea neck.
    What are your thoughts?

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    I'm hoping they will make one without the cheesy sound port. It's the only thing that puts me off. Well, that and the price! A 'standard' non bling Kanile'a Tenor Pineapple would be great.
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    I think YogiTom used to have one. He’s kind of inactive now but maybe he would pop up to share more.

    Here’s his NUD for the platinum pineapple:
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    I have one, really love it. I have it set up as my low-g tenor with a Fremont Soloist. It got a great boomy sound (in a good way), a real cannon. Use it for all of my low-g chord melodies as well as jazzier pieces and I agree, it's a great instrument for those.
    The one problem I have with it is that I prefer a radius fretboard.
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