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Thread: 400 Weeks of Ukulele... Wow. Free-flow pineapple juice after midnight.

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    Default 400 Weeks of Ukulele... Wow. Free-flow pineapple juice after midnight.

    The Seasons of the Ukulele Contest started as a single thread and 4 seasons... It's been it's own sub-forum for years now, so you may not have noticed this big round number approaching... It arrives tomorrow!

    If you like these forums, but never 'got' what was going on in that contest. Or maybe you just don't like contests. No worries! We're not much into contests either! A weekly prize is rare these days, but they do happen (week 399, for example, first prize is a fine ukulele!). In any case, it's a milestone this week. Stop in for a peek, leave some comments or record your own entry. We'd love to see you.

    ps. I don't claim to be any kind of spokesperson for the group or UU or anyone. Actually, I do this kind of marketing stuff as a hobby too.
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    Season 400 of the ukulele has the theme Myths and Legends. Just record a video of you singing a song with your ukulele which fits the theme. Nothing fancy needed, you can do it with your phone. Upload to You Tube and link to the Season 400 Thread in the Seasons sub forum. All welcome. We'd love to hear from you
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