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Thread: Teaching the Writing of Lyrics

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    Default Teaching the Writing of Lyrics

    I'm an English teacher who's putting together some lessons for an informal music class, a jam club, really.

    Attached is the beginning of a lesson plan for an activity which is meant to teach the very basics of writing lyrics. I haven't finished it yet because I think it's too long already. I want to include a practice part where they get to write a song.

    I'm looking for advice about advice. If you were asked about how to write lyrics, what are some of things you would include?

    I was going to post the lesson plan here, but this 19 KB limit is ridiculous. I put it on google drive. Feel free to add whatever you'd like to the document directly.
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    It looks great.
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    Thanks for sharing the lesson plan. The first part is great and I like the way you made the transitions between the types of activity and integrated those into a structured plan. Have you finished it yet? Can it be used for the elementary grade level? I'm a music teacher and I wanted to create additional online courses for my students with domyhomework tasks and creative writing part for song lyrics: based on Kid Pan Alley Music (Lesson One: Pre-writing for Lyrics pdf). I think you may also try the technique of clustering to develop the skills of connecting images and ideas.

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    Also: from a linguistic point of view, it could be interesting to use an example of a song with an extraordinary text. Like those inspired by "nadsat" (a slang made up by Anthony Burgess in A Clockwork Orange): David Bowie's “Suffragette City”, for example.
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