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Thread: 1st and 4th strings compensated similarly on saddle

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    Default 1st and 4th strings compensated similarly on saddle

    Sorry for the flooding, but I posted a topic on the buying tips section, and it also includes some tech questions. It's about intonation and identical 1st and 4th string compensation (and finding strings that fit):

    Feel free to reply there!

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    The same / very similar saddle compensation on the first and fourth strings is normal/required for reentrant tuning. The 4th string is an octave higher than linear tuning and only pitched 2 semitones lower than the 1st string. If your fitting a set of linear strings (low G in ukulele parlance) then you will need to adjust and/or replace the saddle with more saddle compensation required for a low G / linear string set.

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