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Thread: Graphtech ukulele tuner review

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    Default Graphtech ukulele tuner review

    I wrote to the company asking for a sample tuner. They kindly sent me a set promptly and FOC. This was my reply to them. They don't work for me but I would recommend them to anyone thinking of replacing their tuners. Just make sure you can live with a longer than usual tuner string post.

    Hi there

    Received ukulele tuners for review in super quick time. Impressed - thanks,

    Great in every way (especially price) except for one really important point - the length of the string post.

    Most hand made ukulele generally have a headstock between 5/16" and 7/16" thickness. I use a metric system of measurement and my headstocks are generally 10.5mm - 11mm thick which I think close as it gets to being an 'industry standard'. When I tested the tuner against my design with the bush a full 3.5mm or a hair over 1/8" protruded above the top of the bush before it reached the bottom of the relief where the string hole is. On my instruments I want this distance to be 1 - 1.5mm. This then allows the strings to have a decent break angle from the back of the nut.

    I am sure you have a good reason for this dimension and as it is now a 'finished' product any change simply on my account is unlikely to be countenanced. However, Gotoh, a competitor with a parallel and popular product offer tuners with two post heights and these are still shorter than the Graphtech ones and seem explicitly designed for ukulele with elegantly thicknessed headstocks..

    I know this is probably not a good read for you and may seem unduly harsh or critical. Be assured that I do however love the product, fit and feel and overall aesthetic - no issues there at all. Well done for designing and producing these. I'd love to put these on some of my instruments; however I cannot foresee me doing so with the string post being too high for my headstock thickness.

    Kind regards
    I expet there will be plenty of negative comments - these are not 'robust' pieces of hardware. I think they are probably best suited for low tension strings on soprano/concert size models.
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    I also like these Ratios a lot, but found the tuner posts excessively long. I kept them on, as I like the no-ears look, and they work well on this inexpensive tenor uke, despite one of the posts snapping off just below the string hole, under normal tenor tension (the dealer replaced it). I hope they will come out with a shorter version. Here's a pic of my headstock with one Ratio installed, showing the difference in length, compared to the stock Grover geared style tuners.


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    nice pictures. these should work well with thicker headstock.

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