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Thread: Kala TSUB-S Transit Series Ukulele Bag, SHALLOW!

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    Default Kala TSUB-S Transit Series Ukulele Bag, SHALLOW!

    I recently bought a Kala TSUB-S Transit Series Ukulele Bag on Ebay. I believe it's the same bag that was sold with the later models of the high end American made Kala Elite ukes.

    At first it seemed like a fantastic deal: really thick, nice handle and shoulder strap, and built like a tank, kind of a hard case cross-over.
    However, this case is so shallow, it doesn't fit one soprano uke I own!
    I have a dozen middle end and vintage ukuleles, and I have a stash of another several that I keep on hand give away.
    It doesn't even fit any of them, even the slightly smaller 20's Weymann.

    IMO, if you're going to sell a case for a thin bodied uke, you need to give measurements!
    I'm going to try for a return, but it irks me to pay shipping.

    Did Kala make this case for thin bodied ukes?
    It doesn't make sense...

    This is a re-list (there was just one listed when I purchased)
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    How much too shallow is it? Is that the only dimension that does not fit? If it is not returnable for something that does fit, I can fix it so it will. In addition to being a leather craftsman and an upholsterer, I also fix,make and adapt ukulele cases.

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    I have one of these cases. It fits my Martin soprano snugly, but I assume that is intentional to keep the instrument from bouncing around inside the case.

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    That was a good deal! But maybe that is because it's a second. One came with my Kala Elite concert and it fits that and my Kiwaya. The Kala body is quite a bit bigger than the Kiwaya, so I think it would fit any concert. I liked it so much that I bought one for my Elite tenor, which it also fits. I paid $46. If you can find the measurements it's supposed to be, you might check them against what you have. I think you're due a refund. There's no way it shouldn't fit your Weymann.


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