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Thread: NUD Romero Creations ST Concert Dan Ho (Laminate Mahogany)

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    Default NUD Romero Creations ST Concert Dan Ho (Laminate Mahogany)

    I heard Dan Ho playing a ST Concert solid koa and I said to my wife, "thats what i want my next uke to sound like" She said, "well, order it". Then i saw the price and knew it was out of our budget. But I started looking at other versions, and came across the all laminated version and thought I could afford that, so I ordered it from Elderly Music.
    I am really happy with this uke, it feels great, and sounds really good. Good sustain, and i love the low G. The laminate top is the thinnest laminate I have ever seen. You can feel the back vibrate against you. I changed out the Romero strings (which sounded good) to Aquila Super Nylguts and they add some needed midrange. The uke has good lows and highs but needs some midrange. Looking forward to trying some Worth Brown's.
    I do recommend this uke it's a great deal at $269, it plays well and sure doesn't sound like a laminated instrument.
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