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Thread: John Grey and Sons ukulele banjo and metal loop strings?

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    Default John Grey and Sons ukulele banjo and metal loop strings?

    Hi just joined I was given this ukulele banjo and the strings are ancient and metal with loop ends but all strings I find on searching are nylon or similar and seem to be for normal ukuleles. I initially though the tail piece was a later edition but a similar John grey instrument sold at an auction with the exact same tailpiece. So what strings do I buy for this?
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    Nylon, or fluorocarbon, or Nylgut. Just tie a loop at the tailpiece end.

    I'm pretty sure it was made for gut strings. The melody banjo is a similar (quite rare though not valuable) instrument which has four metal strings, but I'd expect the nut on a melody banjo to be narrower.

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