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Thread: What to avoid in an amp, when one has a preamp (LR Baggs Venue)

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    I think for me the real benefit of portability lies somewhere in "fits in a backpack (even if a big one)". Anything larger than that is almost the same to me, if I have to get myself a car anyway.

    And if there's a certain "benefit spike" at the 12" level, why not go all the way there?

    A good reminder about the mixer, Col50. Might make more sense for me not to pay for a multiple channeled speaker, if I'm not really sure if I need the channels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Ukenstein View Post
    Jupu, Though I stand by my recommendation as the best long term set-up for your pedal, check out the YouTube video of Tim from Vox at A Strings. A Google search of [Vox VX50 Acoustic Amp Overview] should get you there. Notice the tone with a little 8" speaker. A 12" speaker cab. w/ horn or piezo will sound even better. But, the price on the VX50 is pretty good. A consideration if the prescription cost is too high.
    I found the video. The VX50 Acoustic sounds quite pleasing for an 8", but I try to stay on the MV50 AC path, as prescribed.

    What is strange about the MV50 AC though is that I can find dozens of electric guitar heads presenting it all over YouTube but _none_ with acoustic guitar, let alone an uke. Why is the world like this.

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    Jupu, Depending on your choice of music and personal preference, you should make the determination between the MV50 Clean or the MV50 AC. The clean model has no gain knob which is very good if you are doing strictly acoustic material. If you wish to reproduce the violin-like sustain of Marl Knopfler or Carls Santana, the gain knob on the MV50 AC will get you there. Most of your tone variation is going to be done thru your modeling pedal. I like being able to reach over, move a knob and switch from a Pete Seeger song with banjo sounding steel string picking to the intro licks of "Money for Nothing" on the ukulele. That is why the MV50 AC works for me.

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