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Thread: Ukulele Newbie Check In!

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    Default Ukulele Newbie Check In!

    I recently joined a few months ago after purchasing my first Kamaka.

    Just wanted to check in and let everyone know that I am able to strum smoothly now, and barr chords relatively well!

    Everyday I impress myself more and more, and playing the Uke has become almost a daily therapy of sorts for me.

    I learned how to play the Monster Mash for the month of October, and I'm currently working on learning a "simplified" version of "Somewhere over the Rainbow".

    6 months ago I would've told my teacher it would be impossible for me to even consider playing. But now after all my daily practice seems like a realistic goal.

    I've also purchased a college level Music Theory textbook that I have been working through with my Uke teacher, and although I'm not as enthused to work on, it is very interesting to learn. It's almost like learning a new language!

    I know it may not seem like much, but I've exceeded all of my expectations at this point, and my Uke has brought so much joy to my life.

    I've always struggled greatly with depression, and the joyful notes from my instrument are one of the few things that bring me enjoyment when things are grey. It's partly why I've been so diligent with my practice.

    Anyway, this has dragged on way more than I intended. Just wanted to let everyone know how I've been since I disappeared after my first few posts in May.

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    Congratulations those are very big accomplishments. That is the cool thing about constant and consistent playing and practicing, improvement sneaks up on you. Learning Over the Rainbow was huge for me, because I loved the song so much.

    I am glad to hear the ukulele is helping with your depression. When we can get out of our own heads and really focus on something else a new world opens up. Keep on playing and enjoying it, once you are hooked your are really hooked. It’s a good thing
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    Default's all about the joy!

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    All strength to you QO, how wonderful to hear such positive news, well done!
    Grandma Uker Penny

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    Congratulations QO. I am new. Iíve just joined. I am practicing every day too. I agree with you that it is like learning a new language and it is so enjoyable. Iím still at the stumbling stage on strumming but Iíll get there in the end like you.

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    Welcome and good on ya. Music is a very real therapy. My group visits UCLA/Mattel Children's Hospital via the music therapy department every few weeks by auspices of The Ukulele Kids Club. Hospitals are adding formal music therapy departments with the fact that music heals, not only for the patient, but everyone around them.

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