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Thread: Anyone Know of a Mucus-Clearing Throat Spray or Gargle?

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    Default Anyone Know of a Mucus-Clearing Throat Spray or Gargle?

    I have year-round allergies and drainage. Sometimes it's more severe than others. I've tried nasal sprays, steam, gargles, etc that help, but don't really clear the mucus from coating my throat and vocal cords.

    Yes, I drink a lot of water every day. I take Mucinex (time-released Guaifenesin) to thin it out.

    I warm up my voice to get a lot of the crud out, but some days it just doesn't clear.

    Years ago, there was a sore throat spray that worked great. It had right on the label that it helped clear away mucus in the throat. But they stopped selling it, and I don't remember the name.

    Anyone know a remedy for this specific problem?
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    I've used 'Singer's Saving Grace' sold at many PCC's where you would go to find 'organic' items
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    Single malt scotch

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    Kenn, I remember back in the old days we used a spray called Chloraseptic (not sure if I have that spelling right), although it was more of a mild anaesthetic than a mucus buster.

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    Hello -

    I'm a longtime professional singer and voice teacher (and newer ukulele player and teacher, and newbie to UU), and I began developing persistent mucous-causing allergies a few years ago. The only thing that works for me is using 1 spray of fluticasone (I use Kirkland Aller-flo) in each nostril every morning for maintenance. If i forget and skip a day or two, the mucous comes back in the morning.

    I'll supplement this with using a neti pot to rinse the nasal passages once in a while. Sometimes, eating food helps to clear the throat. I tried taking guafenesin, but it made me feel unsteady. I'm glad you mentioned warming up the voice to help clear some of the mucous. That helps me, too. I also use a hepa air-purifier in my bedroom when I sleep - perhaps that's a preventative option to explore.

    Surely, you've tried all of these things already. I'm just here to say "I feel your pain."

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    I am not exactly sure where you live so they might not sell it if you're from outside of the UK but when I have any kind of cough or cold, I use Broncho stop cough syrup- it's marshamllow extract and herbal thyme and you can use it on different types of coughs.

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