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Thread: My Beansprout is ready!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ludwig. View Post
    And... words fail me. I've been trying to put my thoughts together in fits and spurts over the past two weeks, but it's hard to find time to do it justice. What free time I have had is taken up playing it instead of writing about it. (I teach college, and I'm afraid that this is a very busy time of year as I try to wrap up the semester.)

    Full review coming, I promise, but for now I will sum it up as: if you can, buy one! :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cluze View Post
    I can tell you how things worked with my instrument. At the time of ordering, I specified all the normal stuff, what woods to use, size, pickup/no pickup, binding, etc. I also specified that I was going for his "wabi sabi" aesthetic, which would influence his wood selection.

    About two months out from my build date, Aaron sent me pictures of 4-5 different specific pieces of wood. He said if any of those weren't what I was looking for, he would send some more. As it was, I totally fell in love with the wood that you see there.

    At about a month out from start of build, all of my choices for other options were "locked in" and he got to work. The end result looks amazing.
    Firstly congrats on a beautiful ukulele. Aaron's process with you sounds amazing. How wonderful to be given the choice of so many woods, etc! Wow :-)
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