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Thread: FS -Klaus Röder - 420mm scale Guitar - £500

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    Default FS -Klaus Röder - 420mm scale Guitar - £500

    Hi all,

    UPDATE..... Price was £500, Christmas special £380, as I mentioned my musical needs have changed and I need new funds for my new venture, if theres no interest at this price I'll hang onto it, as it rare and a one off and pricing is difficult to judge, the link below is the last time it sold commercially from a well respected shop in Germany for 1100 euros, tp be up front and honest I paid £550, and a new case was £50, so I will make loss, but if I don't sell its a waste

    I have been away for some time, loads of reasons, anyway I have a small guitar made by the renowned luthier Klaus roder, or roeder, same person some sites spell it differently, Klaus is in his late 80's now and no longer builds, he famous for high end Gypsy Jazz guitars,


    It has a scale length of 420mm... yes super small
    50mm nut
    I have it strung with Savarez high tensions strings, this allows me to tune it to standard guitar tuning, EADGBe, which from what the previous owner told me was it's intended use, previous owner being the famous classical performer Jens Franke, the strings are not flobby with this tunung, but also not super taught, and it sounds like a guitar.

    I have also used Aquila 134C Rubino classic guitar set, these are medium tension, with these on I like tune up a half step to as these string are very nice with good resonance, so I tune set up below

    E up to F

    A up to A-sharp

    D up to D-sharp

    G up to G-sharp

    B up to C

    E up to F


    Structurally is sound, no split cracks or repairs, but the varnish has multiple crazies, the are lines within the varnish finish, the back is free of them, but there are some on the top and sides, the neck looks clear as well and headstock, I'll try and get some more close up pics, you have to angle the guitar right to see it.

    The top is Spruce and the back and side are the most beautiful pieces of Maple see pics, Bridge is dark rosewood, I think, it's firm no movement and solid, fretboard is a lighter rosewood, neck is a lighter maple, and is a 3 piece construction, the whole instrument is super solid Klaus never used any CNC machines, all hand tools, and the crafmanship is great, beautifull purfling, ask for more pics if you want some close ups

    Klaus has fitted it with banjolele tuners, which hold tuning well, but can be a finickity to adjust, but once tuned there fine, it comes in a hard case, contact me for more info

    label reads Klaus Roder - 2004, fully signed by the luthier, some info about Klaus below

    Klaus Röder, born in 1937, completed a mc studies in violin and guitar before becoming a guitar maker. From 1967 he worked in the master workshops of Dieter Hense, Reinhold Seiffert, Kurt Hoyer, Ernest Köröskenyi and Dieter Hopf. In 1975 he succesfully finished his studies and became a master guitar builder. At his place of residence he also works as a teacher and successfully trains junior staff.
    Each of his instruments is lovingly handmade by himself. Klaus Röder uses only solid woods of the best quality.
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    What an interesting instrument. Very attractive. Love the detailing on it.
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    Now there's something you don't see every day. 16.5" scale, wide neck. I don't think either of those dimensions work for me, but it's certainly intriguing. Just to clarify on the tuners, these are 1:1 ratio friction-style tuners?
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    Hi Jim

    yes they are friction banjo style tuners, a bit fiddly, but they hold tuning well

    open to all offers guys and gals

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    Beautiful instrument!
    I love the shape, reminds me of a romantic guitar, especially Lacote.
    I am a luthier specialising in historical and world stringed instruments. You can see more info at my website.

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    some pics to show the profile of the neck, it's a sort of soft D, very comfortable, also some pics to show the varnish crazing, which is only on a few areas, the back is free, few on the sides and front, and heel, these as you know don't effect the sound


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    Price update to original post.

    It's a deal, It's a steal, it's the sale of the century, sorry couldn't resist, if your a lock stock and two smoking barrels film fan you'll see I left out the F word,

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    thanks to all who enquired

    Cheers Mark

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