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Thread: What size guitar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davoravo View Post
    I think thomann the german company make under their own name a tenor guitar with nylon strings. Of at least i think they used to as i seems to have disappeared. Anyway, calling it a tenor guitar still valid, or you could call it a super baritone ukulele (or baritone lute).
    That's what I'm thinking. Who cares what category it falls in.
    I was most recently looking at a used half size classical, Yamaha CGS102A, to convert to a Super-Baritone Uke. Body a little big. And neck a little wide, but I could maybe sand it a bit.
    Scale of 21" and what should be a lightly braced body should be spot on. Although not the choicest of woods. But for sixty bucks it might be something worth giving a chance in case I don't find a better choice.
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    The crew...Giannini Baritone Uke, Washburn Rover "4-string tenor guitar", Yamaha G-85A classical guitar.

    In the works....LP style long scale wide neck solid body electric tenor guitar.

    Wall hanger...The Loar Honey Creek type-A Mandolin.

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