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Thread: Solid Electric Ukulele for Rocking Out: Nylon v. Steel Strings?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Col50 View Post
    There is only one solid bodied UKE for Rocking.

    All other Ukes fall into also ran status compared to the one.

    RISA either in Les Paul, Strat or Tele format
    The RISAs do look incredible and I've heard consistently good things about them, but I'm in the US and just am not comfortable shipping a potentially delicate $600 instrument like that internationally and overseas, with the attendant headaches if there's anything wrong and I have to send it back. Every now and then one becomes available domestically here, but I'd rather not play the "wait and pounce" game either.

    I am still mulling between the (nylon string) Fluke SB, which is fairly local, and the (steel string) Sparrow, which least is domestic to the US. I have every confidence the Fluke is a generally excellent instrument, and am fairly convinced it will rock perfectly well for my purposes (even with nylon strings). But the Sparrow looks terrific too, and does have steel strings. But it is pretty new, so there aren't many reviews yet, and it's too far to drive to test out.

    Yes, first world problems indeed.

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    The Risa is no delicate product, they are robust and built to last.

    Ukes already travel from where they are made be it China, elsewhere in the far East and even Hawaii to mainland US and survive the shipping.

    That said if you would be happier with a USA made uke the Sparrow would be the better choice, a proper pickup rather than piezo will make a better sound for Rock.

    Good luck with your buy and Rock On
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    It depends a lot on what you mean by rocking out. If you want heavy distortion then go with steel strings.

    If you want a RISA (a good choice, though far from the only choice) Mim has a couple of RISA strats in the US right now ( ).

    I went with the Vorson at an impulse-buy price (the Amazon price fluctuates significantly) The quality control isn't great, but all of the problems I had were readily fixable and once set-up it's pretty sweet. Setting up an electric is easier than setting up an acoustic (adjustable bridge FTW - no sanding the saddle, and everything's reversible if you go to far). If you can do that yourself they're a good deal. I didn't have any electronics problems, but I've heard of others having to fix bad solder connections. They're returnable from Amazon if you get a bad one, so not much risk there (looks like they're on the "free returns" program, so even less risk).

    I like the Vorson's sounds with electric guitar effects than any of my nylon-string acoustic-electric ukes with effects.

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