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Thread: Blast from the past

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    Default Blast from the past


    I have been going through a rough time with my depression. What better way to fight depression than to have fun on a ukulele? It works, to my surprise. I played a Ukulele song I came across on youtube. its an old song, but still catchy. I thought I would show you all.

    Thumbs up if you know the song!

    Well, whether I played it well or not, it helps me cope with my depression.

    I hope you enjoy it!


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    Good for you. Playing music is a legitimate remedy for ailments, formal music therapy programs are being used in hospitals now.

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    Fun song! Tiny Tim, but I don't know the name of the song.

    Exercise and interaction with others are two strong counters to depression. One of the best I've found, is belonging to a ukulele club. Common interest. Non-judgemental. Lots of fun. As much interaction with others as you want or feel you can handle.

    But each of us is different and just playing and enjoying the song is an excellent way to cope. Best of luck.
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    Thanks, guys. Thank you for the input and helping me out. It's a rough time right now for me but I'm getting through it. thank you for the tips on coping with depression.

    On a side note, @Kenn2018 is correct. The singer is Tiny Tim. The song is called Living in the Sunlight. I came across this song when I was watching the very first episode of SpongeBob. I wanted to try and play it.

    I might make another video later on today, it all depends all my plans for today.

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    Hey there Jared!

    That was such a fun song and performance

    Your video made me smile wide and LOL because I have not heard that song in ages, so thank you for bringing some joy to my day!

    I agree that playing uke can make us feel better, and I use it myself as my own form of music therapy, plus, I actually enjoy playing uke otherwise too.

    Thanks for sharing that video. I am looking forward to your future musical endeavors
    -Joe......Have uke, will travel...

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    Cool song, Jared! Hoping you'll continue to feel a little brighter with each new day!

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    What a joy. Thanks for posting this, Jared. It sure brought a smile to my lips, and hopefully yours too. Tiny Tim sure is a blast from the past!
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    I'm doing a lot better with my depression today. Just letting you all know so you don't worry.

    I'm glad I brought a smile to a lot of people's faces!

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    Been there, dude, still go back there from time to time. You'll get there, and the uke will help.

    If you're not already, find a group to play with - it takes the magic that the uke works and magnifies it!

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    I actually think there is a place that does it in Meridian. Thats near where I live.

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