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Thread: CB Gitty Bento Box kit...

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    Default CB Gitty Bento Box kit...

    I received the kit to build this a couple of weeks ago and completed it over the course of about three days. See the kit here. It has a 15" concert scale length.
    Note that it is also related to the other kit here that comes in either soprano or concert scale. Videos there show a nice, basic assembly tutorial by Daniel Hulbert (CircuitsandStrings) who has an awesome youtube channel and is a member here.
    This kit is only sold on that site though and the others are also sold elsewhere. All wood parts cut in the USA.

    I decided to make mine into a 3 string instrument.
    I currently have it tuned to C-E-A using D'addario carbon strings. That tuning might look a bit familiar.
    I guess, technically it's not an ukulele...but close enough to post here I think..and others could build this into an ukulele of course.
    I know mine could also be tuned to things like G-D-G like a cigar box guitar or dulcimer. So I'm not sure what to call it. "Box guitar" might make the most sense to most people...not sure.

    One of the first things I noticed is that it has more volume than I would've expected. It does not sound anything like a fine, solid wood uke nor does it really sound like your typical laminate uke. It has it's own kind of vibe and sound. My best friend, who isn't a musician, described it as a "rustic" kind of sound. I thought that an interesting description.

    It was a fun build, and for anyone a bit like me it could be enjoyable.
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    This is really cool! Looks fun! Thanks for posting.
    keeping an eye out for a very special pre-owned concert....

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