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Thread: sussing out the sus4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Sheehan View Post
    Well, this certainly is a sus...penseful thread...
    Very much so, it was. ripock's last comment above was not to me, but to someone who removed as usual the post. I think for reasons like thinking that traditional forums are not anymore any good and all people should just belong to some social media. Removing posts I don't like. They make other posts appear out of context.

    I never told anything bad against using sus chords as they sound fine on our ukulele when we play it in our homes.

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    No problem, Jarmo, and just to clarify, my short comment about this thread being "sus... penseful" wasn't intended to refer to any of the views expressed here; rather, it was only an attempt (admittedly lame) to make a little "pun" based on the title of this thread! Everyone have a good Monday!

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    Since interest in this topic has been sus-tained, let me tell you all what I've been doing.

    I have, temporarily at least, eschewed pursuing some of the more interesting avenues mentioned. I have been merely following a more jejune and pedestrian tack of using the sus chord and related notes to make some songs. As a basis for my improvising I have been using the Phrygian Dominant scale and the 7sus4 chord. The four notes of the chord are all part of the scale so that the two work well together. The overall sound is rather outré.

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