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Thread: Amp suggestions other than Fishman Loudbox Mini

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    Default Amp suggestions other than Fishman Loudbox Mini

    All I ever hear is that the Fishman Loudbox Mini is the only and best choice for a uke amplifier in that price range.

    Are there any more options out there in the $300-$400 range, and if so, how are they different than the Loud Box Mini?
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    I briefly owned the Fishman Loudbox Mini and hated it: quacky and unnatural to my ears and not enough controls to dial in a nice tone. I suspect the Mini is optimized for steel-string tone and just didn't render nylon string tone worth a dad burn darn. I could force a decent sound out of it by using a Fishman Aura Spectrum D.I. but sheesh. I much preferred the Genz Benz Shenandoah SHEN-CPK-8T I replaced it with and the Roland AC60. Yes, both amps cost a couple Benjamins more but sounded so much better straight into the amp and really didn't need the Spectrum D.I. to sound good. I don't own the less expensive Roland AC33 but I hear it sounds great if you didn't need a lot of volume.

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    When I was looking it was Fishman and Roland and ZTLunchbox Acoustic and Yamaha.

    I did end up with a Fishman, the Roland AC33 was a close second.

    I guess I would ask what is your end purpose as well? Do you need the power for large venue's? Or is this for home? Small venues? Portability?
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    Roland AC 33
    Great amp
    Have had the Roland 60
    Fishman loudbox
    Also have a AER 50 for bigger venues
    Can’t beat the AC33 for an acoustic instrument

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    Not sure if it fits your usage, but I have a Roland Micro Cube.
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    You should checkout a Roland AC-33 if battery power is going to be important to you but if you don't need battery power check out the Roland AC-40. The AC-40 is cheaper without the battery pack yet has larger speakers than the AC-33.

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    For my ukulele, tenor guitar, and cigar box guitar, I use a Blackstar 75 with a Fat Fuzz Factory pedal. It serves all my electrical needs. I have never had the volume past 2.

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    I recently bought a Roland AC-33. The Fishman was my other choice, and I'm glad I went with the Roland. Plenty of volume for the room sizes that I play in. Very portable, and the ability to run off batteries or plugged-in is great. Lots of features, including a looper.
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    Marshall AS50D. 2 channels, vocal & instrument. I've got one in pretty good shape I may be willing to sell for less than $300 (mostly use my Quilter these days).
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    Vox VX50GU amp 50W great tone, small size and even nuvalve tech onboard.

    Add a Zoom G1X Four pedal unit for effects and you are good to go well within budget.
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