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    My father served in WWII and Korea and it is a good day to remember and honor him and the many who served in the Armed Forces.
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    On the more vapid side: it's also Singles Day in China. It's their sort of anti-Valentine's Day.
    Thanks to all the Vets including my folks:
    Gee, wish this site would upload my photo.

    One's buried in Arlington near the Tomb of the Unknowns, and the other is buried in the Presidio. I miss them.
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    In the US it is Veteran's day, a day to reflect over all of the wars and conflicts the US has gotten itself into. I came from a long tradition of family who served in the military. My grandfather fought in WWI and brought back a nice fiddle from France, which I happen to have hanging on the wall. My father and his three brothers fought in WWII. Taken in 1970, every year I look at this picture and wonder who the heck that kid is and think that he looks pretty serious for a teenager.

    Navy days..jpg Link brothers.jpg
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    Without trying to sound like a character from Forest Gump; There have been many, many soldiers, sailors and airmen in my family. Since before the colonies became states.

    My Great, Great Grandfather began putting flags on veterans' graves On Decoration Day after he returned from the Civil War. Which changed to Memorial Day. These were started to honor our veterans who passed away.

    Veterans' Day was originally to commemorate the end of the Great War. Is has come to recognize and show our appreciation to our serving members and former members of the military.

    I was unable to serve, but I forever honor the men and women who have done and presently do so. Their sacrifices and service to their country will always be greatly appreciated.
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