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Thread: Opinion on Epiphone Hummingbird Uke.

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    Default Opinion on Epiphone Hummingbird Uke.

    Hello all,

    Iíve been thinking of getting a tenor scale, and have been watching for sales at our local Long and McQuade store here in Windsor. This week they have Epiphone Hummingbird ukes on sale for $249 Canadian, which is $40 bucks off.

    Iíve read some reviews on these, and while not the greatest Uke out there, for an acoustic-electric it seem like a good price. The strings are junk, but can be easily changed so no real issue there.

    Anyone have one or has tried one...I would appreciate your opinion.

    Thanx, Rp

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    EDW, I have thanks....the majority of it seems to be a critique on how it looks. I am hoping to get an opinion from an actual user.....but don’t get me wrong I did find it instructive.

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    My uke playing friend in San Diego bought one. Seems to be satisfied. I have not seen or heard him play it but in discussion there was the certainly a price quality balance that he was working towards.......he couldn't afford high end.....he tends to play soprano's so this was a bit of a compromise for him....I'll have to check in with him and see how it's going....

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