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Thread: Attractive sound coming from the Mya-Moe

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    Default Attractive sound coming from the Mya-Moe

    Travel Experience of Dong Giang tea hill is the latest update.

    For backpacking spots near Danang, you probably can't help but think of Dong Giang tea hill. A paradise of virtual living, a paradise of beautiful nature. If that is enough to appeal to you, immediately pocket the experience of traveling on Dong Giang tea hill, the time to use when needed.
    To prepare your luggage for Da Nang travel, you can refer to the article in the following category >>>

    I. Experience phượt Dong Giang tea hill 2019

    1. Driving directions to Dong Giang tea hill

    Location: Dong Giang tea hill belongs to Quyet Thang State Farm. Tea hill is located in the side of Hoa Vang district of Danang.

    2. Directions to Dong Giang tea hill:

    Dong Giang tea hill is located about 100km west of Da Nang city center, from Hoi An to this lush green field only about two hours drive. You can move here by the following two ways:

    + Option 1: Follow the provincial road DT604 ==> go up the Kieu slope through Ba commune ==> until you see the green color, you have reached the tea paradise in Dong Giang.

    + Method 2: You pass Hoa Cam overpass ==> move in the direction to Hoa Phu Thanh waterfall about 70km to reach Dong Giang tea hill.

    Note: Many professional riders can choose the Ho Chi Minh trail to explore the mountains of Quang Nam, but the point of interest is that this road is quite zigzag and rugged to really drive the road. there.
    What is the best season for traveling to Dong Giang tea hill? The best time to go to Dong Giang tea hill

    Different from the peak season when traveling to Da Nang, the best time to conquer Dong Giang tea hill is in the spring months. In the cool weather, the special green tea hill makes the scenery as well as your selfies will become more sparkling and sparkling than ever.

    A spring morning is the most beautiful time to hike Dong Giang tea hill. The early morning when the petals of pure white tea still have dew condensation is really very beautiful.

    More view >>>

    More view >>>

    More view >>>

    II. Beautiful scenes, beautiful experiences in Dong Giang tea hill

    Coming to Dong Giang, you are not only overwhelmed by the peace and lightness here, but also fascinated by the pristine beauty of this land. In addition to sightseeing, you also learn how to take care of and pick up tea according to indigenous standards.

    + Cultural experience: you still have the opportunity to learn the traditional culture of ethnic minorities, then you should come to the Ho Ho Hoong Cultural and Tourism Village in Song Kon commune. You will be able to directly exchange traditional arts with fellow Co Tu, visit the architecture of the Guol house, the Moong house which is the place of community activities of the Tay people here.

    + Learn how to make handicrafts and fine arts: You can also learn with people to brocade weaving, knitting knitting to do handicrafts. The meticulous and elaborate stages will surely make you love and appreciate the crafts more.

    + Wedding photography: This is a very famous wedding photography location in Da Nang.
    What should you eat when traveling to Dong Giang tea hill? What to buy as a gift at Dong Giang tea hill

    Go to Dong Giang tea hill, you remember to enjoy the specialties that you just need to hear the name and find it attractive as:

    Barbecue tube
    Lam rice
    **** (croissant)
    Zară (minced meat)
    Along with wild vegetables, stream fish ...

    All these delicacies will be an interesting highlight for your impromptu adventure with your family. Besides, you can also buy a few specialties of Dong Giang tea hill as gifts as preparations from fresh tea, dried tea ... as gifts for relatives and friends.

    Above is the Dong Giang tea hill trip experience that is self-sufficient, hopefully you have more stops in the upcoming trip. Dulichfun wishes you all the best of luck on every path.
    To register installation of FPT Danang network, you can refer here >>>
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    Quote Originally Posted by sanela View Post
    Hello all member!
    Lil' Rev is selling his baritone resonator Mya-Moe on EBay. I have seen and heard this ukulele many times in the last ten years. It has a phenomenal sound. Gordon and Char made very few resonator baritones and I don't believe any have been made for several years.
    This is the most intriguing sound I've ever heard.
    Look for it if you want a distinct uke.
    I'm sooo glad I don't play a baritone, or I'd be tempted. I bought his M-M resonator a while back.

    EDIT: I couldn't find it. All I found was this soprano.
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    Too many ukes, but I can't stop buying!

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    I believe one of our UU members wound up with it.
    There is a subtle yet profound difference between the learning of something and the knowing of that thing.
    You can learn by reading, but you don’t begin to know until you begin to try to do.

    —Lou Churchill, Plane & Pilot Magazine

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