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Thread: Ukulele Picks

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    Huh. I've never really given picks much thought for my uke playing. I've always used my fingers and never really needed or wanted to start using a pick. I will have to try out these leather picks. I'm intrigued.

    Also, I've never heard of the "Alaska pick" that goes under the fingernail. That sounds like it would either be painful or just awkward to use. I'll have to do some more research.
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    Peterís work shops ARE terrific- exhausting, but terrific. This will be my third. And the first that will be a day tripó only 15 miles away.
    I can get my fingers moving rapidly, I played piano and clarinet and saxophone. Iím just having a little difficulty in extending my fingers with the pick. Knowing where the end of my Ďlongí finger (pick) is at.

    The first Peter pick as smooth. The second had a rough surface, which I like better. But Iíve never paid attention to thickness or heavy vs. light. Alaska or Lohanu. Perhaps Iíll start buying different types of picks every time I visit a Music Store.

    Yíall have given me ideas to consider.


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    I use picks sometimes especially when my nails are worn. Alaska pick, I don't tuck it under the nail, it hold on fine around the finger. Thinnest guitar pick, Dunlop .27, noisy but fine in a group. Homemade using plastic roofing material with just the right flex, there's a punch for making picks. I don't like leather or felt picks. Best is to try them all.

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    I occasionally use picks, and like the ZeroGravity Orbit pick.
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    Does a plastic pick wear out Aquila super nyguts quickly as my soprano is only a couple of months old and the picking area of the strings has started to sound gravelly and if I rub the pick anywhere else there is no noise.

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    Just use your finger/nail. If you can't grow nails, learn to play with flesh. Plenty of players do fine without nails. Picks are cheap so if you want to try, it's low cost. But the vast majority of greats that are playing on very expensive instruments don't use them... and it's not because they can't afford a 50 cent pick.

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