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Thread: FS: Ukulele Healing Music Instrumental Collection Book & CD (Irish & British Songs)

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    Default FS: Ukulele Healing Music Instrumental Collection Book & CD .-=[SOLD]=-.


    New copy of Ukulele Healing Music Instrumental Collection Book & CD by Noboru Matsumoto
    $38.99 includes CONUS shipping.

    Translated from Japanese:
    I collected "the music that there were homesickness and the sense of relief including Ireland and the British folk song of peace".
    The movement of the gentle arrangement and support, finger. But, I can play even the beginner happily as it is with plain diagram music. With TAB music. (High-G tuning)

    Arrangement, a performance: Noboru Matsumoto

    1. Danny Boy
    2. The Water is Wide
    3. Down by the Salley Gardens
    4. Thomas Leixip The Proud
    5. O'Carolan's Ramble to Cashel
    6. Sheebeg & Sheemore
    7. Fannie Power
    8. Blind Mary
    9. Loch Lomond
    10. Annie Laurie
    11. Maria Elena
    12. The Sailor's Hornpipe
    13. Devils dream
    14. Pokarekara Ana
    15. Hard Times Come Again No More
    16. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
    17. Child God (a bracken looks)
    18. てぃんさぐぬ flower
    19. Arirang
    20. Great Dream From Heaven
    21. Song of the Beach
    22. Nursing Song of Taketa

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    PM Sent,will purchase if still available
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    Quote Originally Posted by shanmoon View Post
    PM Sent,will purchase if still available
    Just shot you a PM!

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    .-=[SOLD]=-. Book has sold!

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