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Thread: For Sale: Vintage Martin Tenor and Style O Soprano

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    Default For Sale: Vintage Martin Tenor and Style O Soprano

    I have 2 wonderful Vintage Martin players for sale. Only reason for sale of Style O is I have a comparable Timms soprano that cost quite a bit more.

    *SOLD*The tenor is a fantastic player that I purchased here on the forum last year. I estimate it’s age circa 1946-1959. I am selling it to fund a Beansprout alto. I have tiny, tiny hands and as easy to play as this tenor is, I still don’t have the reach. It is awesome and will not disappoint.
    Price is $675 shipped in the continental 48 US states.

    Here is the link to the original sales post from last year along with his YouTube sound sample:

    VINTAGE MARTIN SOPRANO Ukulele STYLE 0 (circa 1950’s)


    This ukulele is bright and loud as is typical of these classic instruments. There is some wear and tear and but it is setup properly,professionally gone through and structurally solid and a great player with strong tone.

    $325 includes shipping in the continental 48 US states

    Link to the photo gallery for detailed pics:
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    I remember when that tenor sold last! That thing sounds amazing! GLWS!
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    super intrested and have sent a private message

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    I have sent a pm

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    Still available

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    Style O Soprano still available.

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    Last call for this nice Style O player! Drop to $300.

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    do you ship outside US? such as france?

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