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Thread: Culling the herd

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    Default Culling the herd

    Life has pulled me away from the ukulele universe (better for my wallet and domestic bliss), and as such I haven’t been playing several in my collection. I’ll be posting individual listings in the Marketplace in the near future, but here’s a sneak peek at what I’m letting go:

    - Ohana SK-30L, B-Stock, with upgraded Gotoh black-on-black tuners
    - 1960s Kamaka ‘Keiki’ Soprano
    - 1970s Kamaka White Label Soprano
    - Unknown vintage ukulele
    - UkeCrazy concert-size case (came with my Cocobolo Uke and never used since)

    Planning to offer everything well below market, as I just want everything gone.
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    Very nice collection. Good luck with the sale.

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    Good luck with the sale! I got a couple too that I no longer felt attached to, so having 2 minds about selling.
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    Good luck with your sales
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