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Thread: Sound hole Micro tuners

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    Default Sound hole Micro tuners

    Hello all
    Anyone have some thoughts on the D Addario NS Micro Sound Hole Tuner PW-CT-15 and PW-CT-22. I see comments the 15 clip breaks off frequently. Does the 22 have the same problem?
    Appreciate your opinions.
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    I have the D'Addario NS Micro Soundhole tuner and the Ukulele Soundhole Tuner (neither one is marked as PW-CT-15 or PW-CT-22) and they work fine if they fit your instrument and are really to see compared to a head stock tuner. The NS Micro Soundhole tuner has been in my Ramirez for over a year without issue (I've never removed it). The clip is steel so you'd really have to force it to break it off. Both designs are only for fairly thin soundboards. If you have a rosette with a wood frame or brace beneath it. this style of tuner will not fit (maybe that's how someone broke the clip off?

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    I also have one, but my ukuleles with normal sound holes have bracing in the way. The only instrument I have that it fits is an Aquila ShortBass One-60 23.5" scale acoustic bass, which also has bracing but was able to fit it over a little in the sound hole. I really like it there, the only tuners I use are D'Addario NS Micros, I have them on 24 of my basses and ukuleles that don't have a built-in tuner.

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    I like them a lot, especially on the ukulele I use for live performances. It is always there so easy to check tuning and not have to worry about taking something on and off the headstock. I have two others on guitars, never had a moments trouble with any of them and batteries last a long time.
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