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  • On the head stock

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  • On a button on/near the base of the neck

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Thread: Strap preference: attach to head stock or base of neck?

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    Default Strap preference: attach to head stock or base of neck?

    For those of you who use a strap, do you prefer to attach the the one end of the strap on the head stock or on a button somewhere on/near the base of the neck?

    Why do you prefer your choice?

    (I'm purposely not including a sound hole type strap because I wouldn't consider that type of strap.)
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    Definitely on the heel.

    Whilst I seldom use a strap, I have the buttons on most of my ukes, just in case I change my mind, & occasionally use a lanyard attached to the heel button.
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    Headstock, so that it doesn't droop.
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    I rarely use a strap, but I prefer headstock tie-on if I do. I like the balance and feel better.

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    While I have used both I gradually converted all of my tenors to the base of the heel button.

    The headstock attachment just started to annoy me. Corner of the eye distraction sort of thing. Both work, fine.

    The base of the heel button is easier to put on and take off than a headstock strap or shoestring. But not by much.
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    My choice changes back and forth. I mostly use heel and bottom. On my Luna concert I run a leash from my right shoulder to the Lunaís head. It works pretty well.

    I most always play my baritone or banjos seated, and, for a long time, Iíve been trying to just do without straps but find it difficult to keep the head up (Ha!) without one.

    Lately, Iíve shortened the strap way up, and Iím holding the instrument on my right thigh. That seems to help with keeping the drooping head up.
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    Headstock. I just can't bring myself to screw a piece of hardware into my ukulele if I don't have to and that I wouldn't use half the time anyway. I don't always use a strap.
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    I greatly prefer the button on the heel for a few reasons. First I find the heel allows me to shift the strap. And I need to shift it based on where I'm playing. When I need to, I can nudge the ukulele and move it laterally so that the area I'm playing stays close to the center line of my body. When I do that with the headstock attachment, the whole ukulele shifts and the ukulele starts to orient itself perpendicularly to the ground.

    Secondly, I always keep the straps on my ukes. When I am done playing, I wrap the strap around the lower bout of the ukulele and place it in the ukulele hard case. That wouldn't work with the headstock attachment. I would have to disconnect the headstock connection and that's more work than I care for.

    Thirdly, if I had to stretch my strap all the way to the headstock, the strap would be very tight and high on my body, and I don't think that would serve me well ergonomically.

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    Neither, I prefer the Willie Nelson type strap on soundhole. Other ones just don't give enough support on such a light thing as ukulele.

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    I have the strap attached to the headstock with a wee leather thingie (and button on rear). The balance and fit is better that way for me (too tight on my body when attached at the heal). I never remove the strap and they tuck easily into any of my hard or soft cases. The thing about headstock attachment is I need to secure the leather thingie between the tuning heads. Next to the nut gets in the way of my hand.

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