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  • On the head stock

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  • On a button on/near the base of the neck

    18 50.00%
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Thread: Strap preference: attach to head stock or base of neck?

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    I'm prefer heal of the neck, and I have no concern what-so-ever adding buttons to my ukes, no matter how expensive they are. I believe they ADD value to the uke because a strap can be used when needed, or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksiegel View Post
    ...proceeded to drill into the neck of my custom-built ukulele, without so much as a pencil mark to guide him.
    I always put a piece of painter's tape where I'm going to drill. It doesn't take much for the drill bit to slip a "bit."

    To find the center of the lower bout, I use the joint that most ukes have for left and right. For up and down, I cut a piece of paper the width of the bout and then fold it in half. There's no measuring in 32nds or 64ths.
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    Don't forget that some tenors and baritones have a truss rod in the neck.

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    Headstock!! I find the neck doesn't have enough support if I attach to the heel lol. I think if I did more strumming then fingerpicking I would be fine with attaching it to the heel though

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