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Thread: FS: Southern Cross Gibson Copy Concert Banjo Uke

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    I cut my teeth on banjos and always hated the coordinator rod way of adjusting the neck as it stressed the rim and could make it go out of round. My normal method was to disassemble and then reassemble as perfectly as I could. Brass shims could be used if needed but generally were not as the availability of other bridges with different heights made for easy adjustment. Besides the best resonance was wood on wood and a solid mating of neck and rim. The diminutive rim size of a banjo uke makes it even more difficult to contemplate using the rods to make adjustments. Besides many have only one rod and this makes it even trickier and IMHO, problematic. The action on a banjo is a balance of so many things - neck angle, bridge height, nut and nut grooves, head tension and head material. Add the varieties of strings and their weights! Shrink it down to ukulele size and these are even more difficult.

    This looks like a wonderful instrument and I wish I were in the market. Maybe it needs some TLC but I have yet to meet a perfect banjo. My first banjo uke was an old Maybell and it had a dowel post, not rods. I carried it around the world on mission trips as it fit into my carryon bag. It was far from perfect but had a sweet sound.
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    Sold. Thanks, everyone!
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