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Thread: Hello from Keene New Hampshire USA

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    Default Hello from Keene New Hampshire USA


    I joined because I'm building a StewMac kit and ran into a problem. The community in the builder section was really helpful and I thought I'd stick around.

    My musical experience is extensive, been playing on and off since the early 70s, mostly wind instruments, but I dabbled in Cello a decade ago and 2 years ago started with cigar box guitars. I made an unplayable one and asked for, and got, a Classical Guitar for my BrithMas (the perils of being born near Christmas!). Back when I was starting to build cigar box guitars I bought a StewMac kit Uke and here I am!

    I may or may not play it. This one is a gift but I'll certainly mess about with it before it goes away and something tells me I'll build another.

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    Welcome to UU
    Grandma Uker Penny

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    Welcome NotThePainter!

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    Hi back everyone!

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