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Thread: Harry122, Randy McSorely, RIP

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    This is so unexpected. I'm terribly sorry to hear this. His videos were infectious to see and his smile just lit up a song whenever Randy appeared. Like a lot of people here. I was expecting him to make another video, but his health problems were a lot worse than thought. My prayers and thoughts go out to his widow at this time.

    This is the first video he made when did my desserts seasons last year.

    R.I.P. Randy.
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    Really bummed and blue to see this news! Another sad reminder of fleeting this life is. . .

    Randy's joy and wonderful sense of humor were a huge inspiration to me. When I first found the courage to join the seasons, he was a huge supporter and always had kind and encouraging comments when I posted videos. While I had the sense he was dealing with some health issues, I had no idea it was this serious. He will definitely be missed! Thanks for sharing this and some of his past threads! R.I.P. Randy, and heartfelt condolences to his wife and family ~

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    So sorry to hear about this. I never met him, but felt we'd have been buddies had we met.

    In response to this news I feel I can only re-post the song I wrote for him, which I meant with all my heart and still do. I am so glad he got to hear it.

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    When I was new here and I hadn’t long been playing the uke, Randy’s praise, encouragement and support helped me enormously. His warmth and his humour shone through in his wonderful music. He personified everything that’s special about this place. My favourite song of Randy’s, on the face of it simply a fun song about desserts, carried a deeper message about living life to the full. It seems particularly relevant today:

    And here’s a song I wrote about Randy for Linda’s wonderful and timely recent season in his honour:

    As I say in the song: when I grow up I wanna be like Randy!
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    I was devastated when Rex messaged me of Randy's passing. Four hours north of me and we were never able to get a lunch or jam session in. Randy is the poster child for the man I want and need to be. Even in disagreement he was kind and gentle. We talked often via private messenger but I'm horribly sad that I never was able to meet him in person. Tuesday, November 5th I had a health scare that I nearly lost...then this news. We are never gauranteed tomorrow. Never miss an opportunity to love. I will miss you dearly my friend. Lori, my deepest condolences to you and your family during this time. You will soon learn the impact the your dear Randy had on us here at the Seasons.
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    I just saw this vid from Lynda. I was already missing Randy because he had not posted for a while. I am happy that we have his songs!

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    So sad. He was such a sweet guy that personified the joy of playing the ukulele and he will be missed. Here is a song he wrote for one of the Seasons I hosted.
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    A song I've written today.

    Remembering the Season in which Randy asked us to sing songs written by other Seasonistas. Thinking of the ways he brought us together that week. Honoring his love of songs we'd written.

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    randy was such a lovely guy. it's hard to believe he's gone. his regular weekly "predict" vids were always such a laugh and made the anticipation thread THE place to be on saturdays, and he brought so many great songs to the seasons. he did this one for one of my birthday weeks, a perfect pick of song from his fave band, the beatles, that seamlessly blends into happy birthday at the end


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    thank you Randy for your music, your encouragement of us all, your infectious joy.

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