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Thread: What is the purpose for super accurate tuners?

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    My over 40 years old tuning fork just got tested with Datuner app. It says it is 440.1 Hz. I go blame the app, but honestly over the years, perhaps some wear

    According to this:

    "Tuning fork pitch varies slightly with temperature, due mainly to a slight decrease in the modulus of elasticity of steel with increasing temperature. A change in frequency of 48 parts per million per F (86 ppm per C) is typical for a steel tuning fork. The frequency decreases (becomes flat) with increasing temperature.[6] Tuning forks are manufactured to have their correct pitch at a standard temperature. The standard temperature is now 20 C (68 F), but 15 C (59 F) is an older standard. The pitch of other instruments is also subject to variation with temperature change."

    So if my fork is 0.1 Hz sharp, it sucks. But not a catastrophe. I always knew it was fine, but now it got tested.

    Anyways quality tuning forks are really precise. Only these days recommended for aficianados like us.
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    I have a very accurate tuner that plugs into the pickup on an instrument. I use it to tune autoharps that have 36-37 strings. On a uke or guitar I use a Snark.

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    Temperature, pressure, humidity and ABV affect the pitch and sound of my ukulele. It's a minefield! I don't know how we manage.

    John Colter

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    I like snark because it works well on all my stringed instruments. It's almost too precise for my Kamaka with friction tuners and I don't even try to get in on spot as long as it sounds good enough.

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