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Thread: High D on baritone?

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    PhD has high d baritone strings (as well as low G ones).

    I have a Pono spruce top baritone tuned in regular low D (I don't have a problem with it sounding somewhat like a small guitar...the kind with four strings), and a Pono mahogany baritone tuned in high d. They sound quite different, due to both the spruce/acacia vs. mahogany and the different strings (as the spruce has wound strings for the D and G, and the mahogany has no wound strings).

    I found this video – – helpful, although again the wood (spruce/rosewood) is a factor.
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    It is my understanding that Lyle Ritz used a high D tuning but on a tenor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Sheehan View Post
    Uke Republic carries a Living Water "Baritone High D" set! I have used them, and was very satisfied; if I recall correctly, they were all unwound and thus felt very consistent. Benny Chong plays this way. Check it out...
    I love Benny! Naively, I want to string my baritone like his now, as if that would make me 1% the player he is!
    (I do like nylon on baritones though so I might give it a go)

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    Glenn, you definitely struck a chord with me! After watching that very video (Benny) a couple of years ago, I went out and got myself a very inexpensive baritone uke, and strung it with a High D all-plain set. It was a lot of fun to play it in that re-entrant mode, but after a couple of weeks I realized that the soprano was calling out to me again, so I made disposition of the baritone; there's something about the soprano that just pulls me in! And I'm sure there's something about all of the other sizes that pulls other folks in. It's all good, as they say!

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    I've only played one soprano, my son's SpongeBob uke, and tho it has a good sound my fingers are quite cramped. D and E are really a struggle on it. I'm not sure if all sops are like that...
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