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Thread: Thank You uke venders!

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    Default Thank You uke venders!

    My new Koaloha tenor arrived over the weekend. Wow. It’s wonderful. Everything already stated here about the sound and beauty of the uke is true. It is a marvelous instrument.

    But in the process, I’m reminded of how fortunate we are to have a number of quality vendors to chose from. Working with us as a group can’t be all that easy. Yet they patiently provide quality instruments and service.

    I’ll give a special shout out to Mim, The Ukulele Site, and Dusty Strings in Seattle. I’ve purchased from each of these and have found their service to be outstanding.

    Thank you. I hope this holiday season finds you pleasantly busy yet with ample time for family and fun.
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    You’ve chosen wisely.

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    A vote for Mim from me.

    This is Michael Kohan in Los Angeles, Beverly West near the Beverly Center
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