Just got mine this week. Can't recall the last time I got a ukulele that exceeded my expectations as this one did.

Just a pleasure to play, wide string spacing, good sound. The texture on the neck is quite nice, just the right amount for grip and movement. Even the texture on the back is decent for playing strapless. I was surprised how low the action was - 2mm at the 12th. Lowest I've ever had. Plays perfectly well with the low action, but I'm more of a finger picker, so I might look at raising it one day. Haven't had Super Nylguts for a long time so that was a bit of getting used to, but they're growing on me. Have a few sets of fluoros in the drawer for when they need changing.

The weight took a bit of getting used to - not so much when playing, just when picking it up. It's a good 200 grams heavier than my Ohana soprano, but probably similar to a Dolphin. If I had to nit pick, the side dots are a little tiny for my eyes, and a side dot at 12 would have been nice. The tuners are quite stiff, but not a real issue (I might look into Ratios someday as the screw holes look like they might match up). Also, I lightly filed the plastic edge on the face of the headstock where it rests on my hand as it was a bit sharp. It's plastic, so took 30 seconds with a nail file.