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Thread: Which ukulele to choose?

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    I always suggest a concert scale as a first uke, Kala or Ohana, both have good value at the lower end.

    Buy from a reputable online dealer, if you have no shop near you, don't trust to luck with Amazon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Croaky Keith View Post
    Buy from a reputable online dealer, if you have no shop near you, don't trust to luck with Amazon.
    Agree 100% I bought my first ukulele on Amazon because I had a couple of gift cards. A Fender Nohea koa laminated tenor. It was an OK uke, but it took a pair of Vicegrips to barre the first two frets. After playing it for 4 months, I found out about setups. Nut was way too high. As was the saddle. Played much better after the setup was done.

    Amazon just ships out the boxes they receive from the manufacturer. No setup. No examination for cracks or flaws. You get both with a reputable dealer. Some offer it for free with the ukes they sell.
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    My DW has one of these in tenor:

    It's very nice, good tone, great looks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steedy View Post
    Check out Mainland Ukes

    They come with a good setup, so they play nicely and sound good. They're possibly the best value for solid wood ukuleles in America.
    I love my Mainland mahogany concert ... my first Uke. Great value, nice sound, & supporting a small company based out of Indiana. I read somewhere the the Mainland Ukes are made in the same factory as Ohana?? Not sure if thatís true, but they look similar. Definitely worth researching Mainlands.

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