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Thread: Winter blues

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    Default Winter blues

    It's a tough time of year for all us Old git's here in the UK...Long dark nights short cold wet and frosty days...The draughty workshop is the last place I feel like visiting , But here I am, struggling to complete 4 sopranos before the end of the year ..I find if I do an hour in the shed on the ukuleles then do another hour in the arm chair with a cup of Rosy Lee I can get quite a bit of work done over an 8 hour period..Thats 2 ukes completed ready for the FP and and 2 more ready for tops and backs to be fitted...Sunrise today 8:19 AM Sunset 15:38 PM = Length of day 7 hour 18 mins ...Roll on Springtime
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    I can sympathize Ken, my shop in Cannon Beach is cold, dark and damp this time of year. My solution was to move 2500 miles southwest where my dust collection system is the trade winds and at noon today it is sunny and 29 degrees C.
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    Look to the bright side, Ken … solstice is only a week away

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    I hear you. I don't like the short daylight. Even though my shop isn't too cold and it's well lit, when it gets dark outside I lose momentum. Winter solstice is my favorite day of the year knowing daylight will increase each day.
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