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Thread: Season 409: Yuletide Celebration

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    Default Season 409: Yuletide Celebration

    This theme started out slightly differently but it evolved. Then after I had got everything ready I found I had used basically the same theme and the same intro song this time last year, though new recording and video. It is now too late to change so here goes.

    The winter soltice has traditionally been a time of celebration. In pre Christian times it celebrated the return of the sun after and the end of the darkening days. In old Norse it was called "Yule", a term we still use today in English. It is still called "Yule" in Scandavia. The Christians later adopted the Winter feast as the time to Celebrate the birth of Christ, so whatever your beliefs, this time of year is traditionally one of celebration. The challenge this week is to record a song to celebrate the season. It can be religious or secular. It can be an original or a cover. The choice is yours.

    The usual rules and guidelines apply

    * The recording must be new and made for this week
    * Ukulele must be prominent feature though other instruments may also feature.
    * State somewhere your video is for Season 357
    * Start and finsh times as usual, 8 days starting midnight Hawaii on Sunday morning and ending Midnight Hawaii the following Saturday night
    * Most importantly, this is about fun so enjoy yourselves.

    Stick to one song a day and I should be able to keep up. Things have been a bit hectic chez Walker recently. I'll relax the limit if I find I'm keeping up OK

    If you're not sure if a song fits, it probably does so do it and enter it anyway. No need to check with me. I'm not going to reject any of your entries. They are all good.


    I will comment on individual songs on You Tube and add periodic summaries in the thread.
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    Oh, thank you for posting this, Geoff! I was going to ask about that today! I got an instrumental version of an old Christmas song that I've been working on for a while now.

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    "Even on a cloudy day, I'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun"

    "But I heard voices, Not in the head, out in the air, they called to me. Through record speakers, through thick and thin, they found a shelter, beneath my skin"

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    geoff's christmas uke parties are where all the cool uke kids wanna be

    acid skiffle

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    Quote Originally Posted by bird's eye view of my ukelele View Post
    geoff's christmas uke parties are where all the cool uke kids wanna be
    I wish that I could be like the cool uke kids,
    Cos all the cool uke kids
    They seem to fit in

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    Got the band back together...well the siblings anyway.
    John Poole - baritone uke, Brother Michael - Telecaster slide, Sister Vicki on Tambourine and vocals, Sister Jeanette a guest appearance from Melbourne on vocals and shaker,
    John Prine's - Christmas in Prison.

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    I do not seek power glory or wealth by Club for Five

    En etsi valtaa, loistoa, en kaipaa kultaakaan;
    ma pyydän taivaan valoa ja rauhaa päälle maan
    Se joulu suo, mi onnen tuo ja mielet nostaa Luojan luo
    Ei valtaa eikä kultaakaan, vaan rauhaa päälle maan.
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    Hello, Geoff ... and thanks for giving us the "Christmas Week"! I don't think this song really fits into the "cool kid" category ... it is decidedly UNcool. On the other hand, though, it is definitely very "kid-like." It reached the top 20 in the Christmas charts of 1963, at a time when Beatle mania was just coming into its own, and was sung by Dora Bryan, an actress who is probably unknown to anyone outside the British Isles. She had a long career here, though, and ... excitement (!), she once walked past me in a busy shopping street in Brighton, where she lived.

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    As Trent says 'I took the sopranino challenge' on this one...

    Best seasons wishes to all seasonistas.

    Thank you for your annual Yulefest Geoff!
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    Compliments of the season to all

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