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Thread: Season 409: Yuletide Celebration

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    My favorite nontraditional holiday song is "No Pretty Presents" by Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers from my onetime hometown of Riverside, California.

    But since it's impossible to approach that level of awesomeness, instead I'll bring a Buck Owens number.

    Best wishes to all!
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    This is my instrumental version of "God rest ye merry gentlemen", warts and all.

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    Default Jingle Bell Rock

    Well, would you look at that! You get one instrumental and two come along at once! I've been doing a bit of guitar and ukulele teaching over the past year or so, and last month one of my guitar students asked that I show him how to play this song - and that's sent me down a complete rabbit hole! It's the jazziest 2 minute rockabilly song you'll ever see, with a ridiculous number of chords!

    Turns out the guy who probably wrote it, one Hank Garland, was a Nashville guitar maestro, and a big influence on, among many others, George Benson, but writing credit goes to a couple of otherwise unknown songwriters, one of whom's day job was running a dress factory in New York's garment district! [ *scratches a thoughtful chin* ]. The movie 'Crazy' (2008) was his biopic - check it out if you can.

    Anyway, it took me nearly two weeks to learn it on guitar for myself, before I could begin to start teaching it! Now, if a song's any good it's got to work on ukulele ("the musical BS detector" according to the legendary George Hinchcliffe of the UOGB). Obviously you can simplify it down quite a bit (on guitar or uke - just play 'D' until you get to that D#dim for example); and you can directly transfer the intro riff from guitar to uke(!); but the simplified chords don't really suit the uke - nor does playing the Em, G or A chords in first position. To harmonise the melody properly, those chords really need to be played up the dusty end of the neck (A7 as 0454 for example) - the power of inversions!!! :-)

    Anyway, enjoy - and even if you don't, it's less than 2 minutes long. Next!

    Jingle-Bell Rock
    (Joe Beal / Jim Boothe) or (Hank Garland/Bobby Helms)
    D             F#m           D6  Dmaj7    D6 
    Jin-gle bell, jin-gle bell, jin-gle bell rock
    D6  Dmaj7 D6    D#dim7    G6            A7 
    Jin-gle   bells swing and jin-gle bells ring
    Em7          A           Em7         A 
    Snow-ing and blow-ing up bush-els of fun
    Em7                 A7     A+ 
    Now the jin-gle hop has be-gun
    D             F#m           D6  Dmaj7    D6 
    Jin-gle bell, jin-gle bell, jin-gle bell rock
    D6  Dmaj7 D6    D#dim7   G6           A7 
    Jin-gle   bells chime in jin-gle bell time
    Em7          A            Em7          A 
    Dan-cing and pran-cing in Jin-gle Bell Square
    E7       A7      D    D7 
    / In the frost-y air___ (What a… )
           G                     G#dim7 
    What a bright time, it's the right time
       D    Dmaj7 D6      D 
    To rock the   night a-way
            D6   E7        E     E7 
    Jin-gle bell time is a swell time
    A7    D             E   D     A7 
    To go glid-ing in a one-horse sleigh
    D         Dmaj7          D6   Dmaj7 D6 
    Gid-dy-ap jin-gle horse, pick up    your feet
    D6  DMaj7 D6  F#m7b5    B7 
    Jin-gle   a - round the clock
    G                    Gm        Gm6 
    Mix and min-gle in a jing-ling beat
    E7           A7 
    / That's the jin-gle bell 
    E7           A7 
    / That's the jin-gle bell
    E7           A7           D 
    / That's the jin-gle bell rock
    And by the way, lambing season in the middle east is Nov-Jan, and lambing season is the only reason the shepherds would be watching their flocks by night all seated on the ground. Happy Holidays!
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    Another year, another take on this great song by Lesley Fowkes, here is another Tread softly to the stable.
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    Here's a happy-to-be-going-home-for-Christmas country song that was recorded by Marty Robbins.

    Never mind the words, just hum along and keep on going...

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    I'm having so much trouble with YouTube's new steps in the uploading process. They're such a crazy pain in the ass to work with and I'm not that technical about stuff like this. The video is now working. Thank you and Merry Christmas.
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    Not the cheeriest of songs, but an amazing achievement on the part of Bob Geldof and Midge Ure at very short notice to persuade so many of the top UK recording artists of the time (1984) to donate their time and talent to this hugely successful Christmas charity single in aid of the victims of the famine in Ethiopia. Happy Christmas (and Birthday sometime soon?) Geoff - and Happy Christmas to all Seasonistas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by One Man And His Uke View Post
    I wish that I could be like the cool uke kids,
    Cos all the cool uke kids
    They seem to fit in

    all the cool uke kids WANNA be here
    but luckily for me, geoff's only letting in nerdy seasonista uke peeps

    Quote Originally Posted by aspieman456 View Post
    I'm having so much trouble with YouTube's new steps in the uploading process. They're such a crazy pain in the ass to work with and I'm not that technical about stuff like this. The video is now working. Thank you and Merry Christmas.
    is that beta? i keep clicking to go back to classic about A HUNDRED TIMES A DAY and i know soon they will take even that option from us

    here's a homemade-y for the season, "maybe this year"


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    Joulupuu on rakennettu
    If there is one Finnish Chistmas song I would love to sing then it would be Oi Jouluyö
    but I don't have the pipes for it... but it is the most powerful christmas song I know... give it a listen.

    Rough translation
    The Christmas tree has been prepared, 
    Christmas is already at the door.
    Gifts are hanging, on the spruce branches
    The small candles illuminate the tree with beauty
    Around the tree the children sing sweetly
    Thank you, Jesus, our dear Savior
    You are our guest, our best Christmas gift
    When you come you bring light, and gifts abundant 
    You give forgiveness, and all the riches of heaven
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