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Thread: Worth Strings for sale

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    Default Worth Strings for sale

    These are a mix of Worth new sets and orphans — all clears — equivalent to a mix of six low G and high g full sets and two extra G’s and one extra E & A each.
    28 strings total.
    All are unused.

    Please see the photo of the packaging and the inventory, below, for specifics.
    Just passing along leftovers from experiments having narrowed preferences down to Fremont Black Lines, Orcas, and Aquila Reds.
    Hopefully, these will be useful to someone.
    Does $20 for the lot delivered to a North American address seem fair?
    Also have three concert sets (New Nylgut reg (7U), New Nylgut G & c wound (36U), and D’Addario t2 Titanium; and six single New Nylgut (16U) low G’s.
    Contact: danersen at gmail or PM, here

    Photo isn’t very clear, so here’s an inventory:
    .0183 - 3
    .0205 - 3
    .0224 - 4
    .0260 - 3
    .0291 - 7
    .0319 - 3
    .0358 - 5


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    Seems fair to me - Pm sent
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    Worths are taken.
    Thanks, Brian.
    Closing thread.
    Will list others separately.

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