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Thread: Gotoh Tuners for KoAloha

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    Default Gotoh Tuners for KoAloha

    Can I put Gotoh’s on a KTM-O0?

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    You haven't said what model of Gotoh's. If it's UPT's then there are two options of post length. Info and schematics are available on this page.

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    One reason I purchased a Opio KoAloha was because on Opio and the Hawaiian made KoAloha, the tuners don’t use screws to keep tuners in place on back of head stock. Adding a UPTL to a KoAloha mean no holes left in back of head stock. I liked that idea that a lot. It turned out that I really liked the stock tuners and later sold the Opio and got another, different brand Uke. When I do buy my next KoAloha, it will be Hawaiian made, Koa and I will get HMS and Joel to put the UPTL on them from get go. I just want to try UPTL planetary tuners. They look cool. I like the KoAloha head stock. And no holes left. I wish more high end Ike’s like Kanilea offering that option. I do like their Grover geared tuner but UPTL would be nicer. I really liked the feel of Opio. I keep telling my wife I deserve a Koa, Hawaiian made Uke. LOL

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