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Thread: If you can only have 1 ukulele for the rest of your life...

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    To keep John happy, I'd pick a "small body concert" aka long neck soprano. I get what you're saying John, we should talk scale first. I just own regular sopranos right now, but I started out on a long neck, and in this fantasy scenario, that's what I'd have.

    No one said I couldn't have a guitar too, so I won't miss my baritone too badly.

    Really hoping someone votes sopranissimo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AustinHing View Post
    What will you choose?
    The poll is invalid ... there's no entry for banjolele
    There are those who will wax lyrical about the ability to play a double shuffle with a split fan and a tight G-string ...
    it just makes me walk funny!

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    Well I was watching Magnum P.I....the old one...and they were all stranded on an uninhabited island...a military test site I believe...where they landed the chopper in an emergency...and their radio was picking up a drunken amateur broadcasting his rendition of, according to Higgins, Ukulele Lady written by Irving Berlin and some other guys. And it got me thinkin...if I was to have a leisurely life in Hawaii...where I hiked and biked and canoed around... fishing and hunting mongeese and wild chickens with my pellet gun....I think I'd choose a small bodied, fat necked, short scale uke with only a half dozen or 10 frets and fishing line for strings to pack around with me.

    But...under my current, less leisurely lifestyle, where I'm not packing a uke around on my adventures, but instead may just play it on the couch or carry it around in my vehicle to play when it might strike my fancy, or on a car camping trip...with still the idea of traveling light in mind, I think I'd choose something that could not only be my only uke but possibly my only stringed instrument if it came to that. I'd definitely choose a 21" scale baritone with a 40-42mm nut.
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    I wish the poll option count can go more than 10 to accommodate all the possible variations. In the end, it’s seemingly more logical to create the poll based on size and scale length.
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    The premise of the question is unacceptable. OMG, only one, you’ve got to be kidding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rakelele View Post
    I guess I'd choose a baritone, as you can always use a capo to get it up to a higher pitch. I also love the full sound and the scale length.
    Great answer Rainer. I love the warm mellow tone of the baritone. With a capo on the fifth fret and reentrant stringing it doubles as a traditional ukulele. Done and done
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    Tenor and let me add that it should be cutaway with preamp, built-in tuner and separate output jack not part of the strap button.

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    Baritones and concerts, baritones and concerts, baritones and concerts...……………………. Ok probably baritone......but maybe concert?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UkingViking View Post
    I tend to agree.
    However long neck concert was an option in the poll, and tenors with snakker bodies can sound different, hence it might have been the intention in the poll to distinguish.
    Then again, a fluke body is neither a concert nor a Tenor body, so I dont know how to define it in the poll.
    I guess for me having ie tenor vs. long neck concert is that it sounds different because you have a larger body on one vs. the other most of the time. The tenor sounds deeper (for want of a better word) than the LN concert.

    I play concert even though I have to stretch so I'm not always clean on notes (not kidding, my hands are really tiny). The sopranos always have kind of a high squeaky voice to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kypfer View Post
    The poll is invalid ... there's no entry for banjolele
    I have two banjo ukes I put together. Both have 10" pots, but the soprano neck one is so much easier to play. It and the concert neck one sound about the same. I don't play so far up the neck that the extra scale length on the concert matters.
    If I had big enough hands, it would have been that tenor scale Duke 10. Sounded great to me and weighs about nothing.
    Ah, I digress, I know this is about scale sizes

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