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Thread: If you can only have 1 ukulele for the rest of your life...

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    (Which is a soprano-bodied tenor, or super long-neck soprano- you choose).
    Usually known as a Giraffe Neck uke.

    (I have an Ohana solid mahogany.)
    Trying to do justice to various musical instruments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joyful Uke View Post
    My fingers insist on concerts. I have one super soprano, (so, concert neck), and the rest are concerts.

    One size left out of the poll was the Ohta San, (and similar sized ukes, since Ono and others also have this size as an option.)
    I could see that being a perfect size for some.

    We're lucky to have so many options.
    I had to look that up. Just when I thought I had it figured out.

    Such a simple instrument to play, so complicated to shop for (only if you want to make it complicated).

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    Add me to the baritone club!

    I keep slipping down to lower tones. First I wanted lower notes than C, so I put on a low G string. Then I wanted lower than G so I went baritone and got down to D. Now I want that lower C. It's never ending!

    I'm also looking to add a 5th string to my bass

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    I picked "concert", because:
    1. It fits my hands, they don't feel cramped, and I can reach most but all the most difficult chords.
    2. The tone, I get somewhere between that clangy soprano sound which kinda bothers my ear, and the sound of a tenor, which I like.
    3. It doesn't make me look fat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by glennerd View Post
    I had to look that up. Just when I thought I had it figured out.

    Such a simple instrument to play, so complicated to shop for (only if you want to make it complicated).
    Not complicated at all. Buy at least one of every size, or 2 of each size if you want high g and low g. :-)

    It is amazing that we have so many options.

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    Concert, for no other reason than I play concert size, which by the way was and is an arbitrary decision on my part. There has been very little thought given to the choice.
    I don't want to live in a world that is linear.

    I just want everyone to understand that I am not a ukulele expert, even though it may look at times like I'm pretending to be.

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    I’d have a baritone. It’s ‘bout the only one I play any more.
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    I'm surprised nobody has suggested a JUMBO pineapple with a short fat soprano neck...
    The crew...Giannini Baritone Uke, Washburn Rover "4-string tenor guitar", Yamaha G-85A classical guitar.

    In the works....LP style long scale wide neck solid body electric tenor guitar.

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    Concert - that’s my favorite size for comfortable playing & traveling.

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    I concert as the middle of the road between soprano and tenor. But I play sopranos, long neck sopranos, concerts, 16" scale concert and tenors. Wow and just one so the concert seems like the middle of the road. From the title of the tread, I thought it was pick just one uke you own or would want as the one and only uke.

    Thanks for the fun poll.
    Sopranos, Concerts, and Tenors including Baritone body at a Tenor Scale - 4 String, 5 String and 8 String :-)
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