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Thread: Season 411: Missed Opportunities, Second Chances, and Do-Overs

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    Default Season 411: Missed Opportunities, Second Chances, and Do-Overs

    Hi everyone!

    As you may know, a couple of weeks ago I had a nasty spill. Fractured a couple of ribs and my shoulder. The healing proceeds, BUT among the consequences of my fall: It ruined a lot of plans we had for our extended holiday break.

    So I'm trying to make the proverbial lemonade. Rather than my first plan for this season, let's use this week to revisit the 52 seasons of 2019, beginning with Del's Season 359: Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick and going through Joko's 410, Songs of the 9s (still under way!!).

    Are there any seasons that slipped past before you got a chance to post an entry? Did you hit the song limit but still have more to bring? Did you work on a song and didn't get to post it because, maybe, life intervened?

    Here's your second chance.

    Bring me entries that would have been appropriate in any of the 2019 Seasons of the Ukulele. In your video, please indicate which season would have been a good fit.

    Otherwise, the standard rules apply:

    • The video should be an original prepared for Season 411.

    • Ukulele should be featured prominently, although other instruments are fine to add.

    • Collaborations welcome!

    • Please be kind and comment on others' entries.

    • The season starts at 12:01 a.m. Hawaii time Sunday the 29th and ends at 11:59 p.m. Sunday the 5th of January. (New decade!)

    ORIGINALS: Welcome! This time, please stick to the title theme. Bring originals about missed opportunities, second chances, do-overs ... times you had different ideas but life or chance or fate intervened.

    For now, I'm looking at a five-song limit total. I may increase that as the week goes by.

    There will be prizes to be determined.

    If you have any questions, please ask!

    More than anything else, HAVE FUN!

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    Excellent Idea Rick! Hope you feel better soon ~

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    yes, thank you so much for still hosting even though you must be in alot of pain. definitely lemons into lemonade, though - great inspired theme!

    acid skiffle

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    Here are all the season topics from 2019 -

    359. DelGriff - Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick - songs with some elements of percussion as well as uke
    360. Desert Pavement - Celebrating a year in music - any song covered by Steve (365ukesongs) on his successful song a day for a year quest
    361. One Man And His Uke - i want scandi - songs with a scandinavian connection
    362. mep1 - Traveling with the Wilburys - song by The Wilburys or by the individuals in the band - original songs about traveling etc
    363. uke4ia - Into the Void - songs about nothing
    364. kolibri - In Someone Else's Shoes - songs from another's perspective
    365. Harry122 - Aloha - Hawaiian songs - songs by Hawaiians - songs about Hawaii etc
    366. RAB11 - House of Mouse - Disney songs
    367. turtledrum - A Simple Gift - songs performed for or dedicated to a special someone
    368. pabrizzer - N O spells no. Songs with the word 'no' in the title
    369. hendulele - My Old School Daze .. PLUS - songs from 1975 to 1979 plus songs by Queen.
    370. Tootler - Runners Up - songs that peaked at number 2 on the charts
    371. YorkSteve - EEEasy does it - songs that start with E
    372. bird's eye view of my ukulele - uke ritual - songs by Hawkwind or Hawklords
    373. Croaky Keith - Single Word Titles
    374. Recovering Bassist and Ann Marie - Now Uke Talkin' - music containing the spoken word
    375. AlanDP - Pickin' and Grinnin' - songs by artists who appeared on Hee Haw
    376. Mezcalero - Ukin' Together - collaborations
    377. DelGriff - Say Sorry - songs with the word sorry in the lyrics
    378. LimousinLil - Banned by the Beeb - songs banned by the BBC
    379. UkingViking - Bossafication! - songs in the Bossa Nova style
    380. aspieman456 - Songs about the Golden State - songs about California - or aspects or places in California
    381. RAB11 - Doctor Doctor Doctor - songs mentioning doctors or anything medical
    382. One Man And His Uke - Connections - your song is to have a connection to (or be a spin off of) a previous song brought to the season.
    383. Tootler - Summer Rites - original songs about Summer
    384. Desert Pavement - Wilco! - songs by the band Wilco and/or original songs about home
    385. Mezcalero - Popular Abroad - artists who have done very well outside their home country - original songs about travelling or living abroad
    386. Croaky Keith - songs from the '70s
    387. hendulele - Shapes of Things - play a song on a non standard shape uke. Sing a song with a shape in the title.
    388. DelGriff and bevomu - Upstairs at Derek's and Lynda's - music of Vince Clarke and Alsion Moyet
    389. YorkSteve - Dream On - songs about Dreams and or Nightmares
    390. engravertom - Facing the Music - songs by Jeff Lynne
    391. Harmony Smurf - Sowing Seeds of Joy - songs inspiring and encouraging happiness
    392. turtledrum - Hats Off to Harry - songs for Randy McSorley
    393. Yukio - Are You Hep to the Jive? - songs containing slang
    394. uke4ia - The Electric Version - plug that uke in and/or use some effects - songs about electricity - songs by bands with an electric name
    395. EmmaX - Spicks and Specks - song relating to the Australian music quiz TV show
    396. Joko - On the River of Gender - songs by gender bending artists - songs by Boney M or Lana del Ray - songs whilst dressed in 'drag'
    397. LimousinLil - And Is There Honey Still For Tea? - songs about/relating to the United Kingdom
    398. RAB11 - Ooh La La - songs with singalong "la la's" in them.
    399. kolibri - Bella Italia - Italian songs - songs about Italy - songs by 'Italians'.
    400. Tootler - Myths and Legends
    401. UkingViking - Tarantino - songs from Tarantino movies
    402. bonesign - Sickening Sweet Season - yep bring those sappy love songs
    403. Flatbaroque - Exploring the Cave and Beyond - songs by Nick Cave - about caving etc etc - songs from Peaky Blinders
    404. RAB11 - Ten Years Up Over - songs from/about Australia
    405. One Man And His Uke - Pennies On The Singing Detective's Collar - songs from the TV series Pennies From Heaven and or The Singing Detective and or Lipstick On My Collar and or original songs about hypocrisy
    406. Barbablanca - The Right to Reply / Setting the record straight - Berni sets us a song writing assignment or Melanie Safka covers
    407. LimousinLil - You Need Hands - songs with 'hands' in the title or lyrics
    408. Mezcalero - N.P.R.'s Tiny Desk Concert Series
    409. Tootler - Yuletide Celebration
    410. Joko - The Time of the Nines - songs from years ending with a nine or by artists who's age ended with a nine when written - oh and a randomly directed song writing challenge available as well
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    Truly spoilt for choice here, Rick! Where to begin?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LimousinLil View Post
    Truly spoilt for choice here, Rick! Where to begin?
    I’d suggest season 359 Val
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    404. RAB11 - Ten Years Up Over - songs from/about Australia
    I had every intention on bringing some John Williamson along that week but didn't have the time.
    My brother said that he hears Nowhere Man but that is more to do with my version than the original.
    I hope to bring more John Williamson this week especially Kings and Queens....
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    Most people know this as a Fats Waller song but it was also recorded by the Ink Spots.Fats was complaining that the
    feet of his lady friend were too big, but the Ink Spots felt that there was a chance that they might get rejected by their
    lady friends because their pedal extremities were enormous.

    There was an interesting discussion on the mudcat cafe regarding why big feet especially
    in a woman was regarded as something less desireable, and the suggested reason was that
    Back in the day girls from the country walked barefoot which tended to make them splay footed
    and unsophisticated in the way they walked, whereas city girls who were used to walking in
    high heels were viewed to be more desireable companions when going to the Cotton Club
    up in Harlem. The Chinese also had a thing about women with small feet and went to far as to
    bind their feet up so they would remain small, which would be considered barbaric these days.

    While skimming through a couple of books on American folksong,
    I found a number of old songs that include insult lyrics about a woman's big feet.

    My guess is that these 'big feet' putdowns were a shorthand way of expressing preference
    for city gals and city living as opposed to country living. And because many of these songs
    that I found were from late 19th African American sources, I believe that these big foot
    put-downs also reflect a desire to shuck off rural life that was too closely associated with
    the horrors & limitations of slavery.

    In this thread I'll share some examples of these songs.
    Do you know any lyrics from traditional or contemporary songs from whichever cultures
    that mention big feet? Are such songs always insults

    Also, I've only found one example of insult lyrics about men's big feet. Do you know any?
    And do you know any lyrics about women's small, dainty feet?
    In contrast to the songs about big feet, aren't girls with small feet considered
    more desirable than their larger sole sisters?

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    I must have missed that bit of bad news, Rick, hope all is going well for a speedy recovery, all the best.
    Trying to do justice to various musical instruments.

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    Thank you, all, and special thanks to Brian for listing all the seasons. Above and beyond the call of our Master of Ceremonies!

    Now, on to the entries!
    PLAYERS: Martin C1K • Enya Nova U concert (BLUE!) • Ohana CK-50WG concert (solid cedar top) • Ohana SK-28 ‘Nunes’ • Flea koa soprano • Ohana SK-35G solid mahogany soprano <yay!!> • Famous FS-1 <yippee!!> • Firefly maple concert banjolele <yee-haw!> • Makala MK-CE concert
    LOOKERS: • Vintage 'Mauna Loa' c. 1925 soprano • Kahuna "Felix the Cat" soprano • Woodrow "Steelers" soprano <eyeroll>

    Raleigh Uke Jam:

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