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    Default iZotope Spire Studio

    Happy holiday to all. For Christmas, I got a iZotope Spire Studio, a very portable and very user friendly multi-track recorder. I recorded this 4-track tune in under 10 minutes.

    The instruments I used were a Recording King RR-75 resonator guitar, a Santa Cruz OM/PW acoustic guitar (both using the built-in mic), and a Magic Fluke Timber bass (plugged directly into the Spire Studio).

    I highly recommend this recorder for its ease of use and excellent recording quality.

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    Checked out iZotope online. Some good reviews. Looks like a good way to get into recording without purchasing a whole studio worth of equipment and better quality than just using your phone or computer mic.
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    Looks handy to carry around to anywhere.

    It looks a bit more expensive than getting a decent USB microphone for a PC, and you don't have the big screen to monitor stuff. But it has tangible buttons and you don't need to stay close to your PC to record. Also the big screen might distract you from the music. So pretty nifty.

    However, I am not switching from my PC.
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