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    Default Hi from Surrey UK

    Hello, my name is Richard. 47. No previous guitar experience.

    Bought my children a ukulele to see whether they'd go for it, they didn't so thought I'd try it myself am now 3 months in and really enjoying it.

    I have managed to do at least 10 mins a day and that often turns in to 30 or even more.

    I've been once to the Royal George in London for their ukulele night, really enjoyed it and spurred me on to learn other songs/chord progressions.

    I feel a bit aimless right now and unsure about what to do to shift on to the next level. Have been doing the ukulele bootcamp chord progressions, but to be honest it is dull, very very dull.

    Any thoughts and suggestions gratefully recieved about what to do next? Just more sings etc? I've started plcuking or maybe should i just fpocus on one song to get it to a proper standard (I'm ok at some but not nearly good enough to perform)


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    Hi Richard
    I learn instruments by building up muscle memory first through 'fingers on instrument' time, then playing along to tunes I like - breaking them down into sections if necessary. When ready, I'll then play out in pub sessions. Luckily, there is a ukulele band in the next village along, so I can troll along to their practices and performances - are there any groups near you?
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    Welcome to UU Richard. You're on the right track, improvement only comes with practice, practice, practice. Joining a group is also good, and don't feel intimidated by better players, especially with ukulele, we're a very receptive group.

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    Hi Richard, and welcome to Ukulele Underground. I found it a big step forward when I started to play some of the common chords away from the nut. I can only guess what stage you are at, but it seemed like an important stage to play, for example, a simple blues progression using, "C" (5433), "F7" (2313), "C7" (3433), "G7" (4535), another "F7" (5556). Try it on "Going To Kansas City".

    That stage may already be behind you. Just trying to be helpful.

    All the best,

    John Colter

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    More chords, more songs, or like me, pick out the melody - then you can try chord melody.

    Start with the easy stuff that you know & like, you'll progress quicker than following tutorials.
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    Welcome Richard!

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    Welcome to UU Richard
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